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Approval Addiction
Relationship coach, Dr. Johnny Parker offers key insights on a subject that can be difficult to addr..
Healing Relationship Wounds
Excellent Living's relationship coach, Dr. Johnny Parker, says it takes a healthy "me," to make a he..
How Come?
How do you respond when others appear to always get the breaks that you desperately want? The job, t..
Let Go of Guilt
Life coach and bestselling author, Valorie Burton, offers great insights for stopping guilt from sne..
Mothers Distinct Mission
A mother's imprint on her child can be priceless. Cheryl challenges mothers to take seriously their ..
Raising the Bar
When professional athletes want to go to the next level...they raise the bar, incorporating more int..
Everyone wants to "thrive" and not merely survive. Cheryl shares what it takes to thrive, flourish, ..
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