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Be Fearless
Cheryl's presentation from Jump-Start 2020 God's Way FEARLESS! Strategies for being fearless 100 per..
Beautifying Girls
Girls of all ages as well as young adults are bombarded with images of the "perfect" body type and w..
How To Make Wise Decisions
We all make thousands of decisions on a regular basis. Some significant. Others monumental. Is it po..
It's Time to Get Serious
Cheryl Martin encourages you to get serious about being exceptional in every area of life and have a..
Resolving Conflict
Conflict is a fact of life and can spell the end of a friendship or a marriage, but it doesn't have ..
Single-Minded Single
Some singles don't believe that God cares about their desire to find a life partner, so they are con..
The Diet Alternative
So many people struggle with their weight and yo-yo dieting. Cheryl interviews Shannon Tanner who ex..
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